Chabad of Tidewater  

Established in 1979 Chabad of Tidewater has continuously served the needs of the Jewish communities of Southeastern Virginia.  Chabad of Tidewater strives to share Judaism with Jews from all walks of life. Chabad of Tidewater follows the mission of the worldwide Chabad movement, which is to expose Jewish people worldwide to the many gifts Judaism has to offer. Through innovative programs and a variety of classes Chabad of Tidewater has something to offer all Jews in the Tidewater area.

Meet the Chabad Team

In 1979, Rabbi Aron and Rychel Margolin were appointed at the Chabad emissaries to the Hampton Roads area. While only newlyweds when they arrived in Tidewater, the Margolins got right to work establishing Chabad of Tidewater - all the while raising their growing family which grew to include 1 daughter and 6 sons! Throughout the years Rabbi Margolin and Rychel have helped hundreds upon hundreds of people with a wide variety of needs. In the summer of 2002, the Margolins moved Chabad of Tidewater to its current location in the Ghent section of Norfolk. Aron and Rychel continue to be integral leaders in the Tidewater Jewish community. Rabbi Margolin and his wife Rychel continue teach classes and offer a listening ear and guidance to those who seek their assistance. 

In 2002, shortly after their marriage, Rabbi Levi and Rashi Brashevitzky joined the Chabad of Tidewater team. The Brashevitzkys worked to add growth and new programming and activities to the already established Chabad House. Rabbi Levi and his wife Rashi have successfully added a variety of programs including the Jewish Learning Institute and the Rosh Chodesh Society amongst others. Levi and Rashi enjoy sharing their love of Judaism with others while also raising their three adorable children Mushky, Shalom and Shaya.